b. 1992, Yorkshire, UK

People and the spaces they inhabit are the inspiration at the core of my practice. Our existence, our actions, and our relationship to our surroundings captivate me.

Recently my practice has evolved in line with my thought patterns, and has taken on new buoyancy and freshness. Over the past year, I have created paintings that are abstract, bold and rich with colour.

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C U R R E N T   E X H I B I T I O N S

Harvest with West Cork Creates at www.westcorkcreates.com

8th August - End of 2020

U P C O M I N G   E X H I B I T I O N S

Artist in Residence at Mayvn 

Eden Locke, 127 George Street, Edinburgh

Early 2021



A review of my recent exhibition fresh zest and career so far by Vivien Devlin.


A video interview with Winkball at The Other Art Fair 2017 


A piece celebrating the creativity of West Cork, including one of my Waterscapes.


A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

F R E S H   Z E S T

My most recent exhibition, Fresh Zest, was a collection of recent abstract paintings and ceramics in Edinburgh, December 2019.

I have spent the past year and a half exploring my inner self. By coming to terms the aspects of my life that I cannot control, I have connected ever closer to the inner workings of my mind. This self-work has re-energised me and as a result my art has taken on new buoyancy and freshness.


Each painting begins with a translation of a simple sketch extracted from my sketchbook, usually an abstract life drawing of myself. The painting then develops as a manifestation of my subconscious. I allow the shapes to dictate their own space while exploring the relationship between other forms and motifs. Spatial tensions are created through layering, colour connections and shape. Ultimately, each painting is a distillation of a different sensation

I N T O   T H E   W O O D S

My 'Into The Woods' series is based upon the feelings of joy and adventure of being in woodland. I have introduced vibrant colours and bold mark marking to reflect the discovery of the beauty and secrets that a wood holds. 



Within my waterscapes, I hope to evoke a feeling of calmness, serenity, and space. I often include a man-made item with the water, whether it is a buoy, a pontoon, a nautical marker or a boat. The contrast between the beauty of the nature and the imposition of the man-made, is a comment on how the world is precious and it is our responsibility as humans to treat it with respect. The space and stillness created within a waterscape expose the viewer to a quietness, and an anchored object often reflects a cornerstone within the unknown.




I am captivated by the process of translating a person's being from life into two dimensions. I love to decipher a personality through the medium of paint. I strip back my portraits in an attempt to remove any distractions from the core subject of the painting – the sitter, and focus on exploring the unique story of the individual.


I work on personal projects alongside commissioned pieces. I am based between the Scottish Borders, London and West Cork, and often travel to see clients.

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