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I find the process of translating someone's being into paint constantly fascinating.


I am most interested in capturing the truth of someone, without distraction.


I mostly paint figures with plain backgrounds as for me, the way someone holds themself, their face, and particularly their eyes, are what holds the unguarded truth of their personality. Material tokens or elaborate backgrounds can distract from the purpose of the portrait, so I like to keep the painting as simple and focussed as possible.




Portrait of Paul Brown painted in 2018

Redmond and Athene, 30cm x 30cm x 2cm, oil on board


Sometimes I work from life but mostly I work in my studio from photos. If possible I like to meet the sitter, get to know them as well as possible and take the photographs myself. That way I can get a feel for the person, and that really helps when trying to represent a likeness in a painting. It also allows me to take the type of photos that will translate well into a painting - with the right kind of natural lighting and relaxed expressions.

I am always happy to take on commissions so please get in touch via my contact page for any enquiries.


Venetia, three 30cm x 30cm x 2cm, oil on board

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